Sunday, May 12, 2013

A View from the Ship

The day of April 5, 1912,  began early with the sun rise at 5:31 am.  Remember that Daylight Savings Time had not yet been enacted.  Quickly the temperature rose to nearly 70 degrees. The air carried a brisk breeze. The sun was shining. It was a beautiful spring day in New York City!

The SS Pennsylvania, finally finished its journey and arrived at the harbor in New York. Matyas Farkas had arrived at his destination.  Ellis Island was finally a reality. There was a buzz on the ship, everyone had heard so much about this large city. However, the imagination could not have prepared them for the sight that greeted them upon arrival. A bright sun shiny day allowed them to perfectly see the large metropolitan city of New York off in the distance. There must have been a mix of excitement and trepidation among the passengers. Their new life was about to begin. A cacophony of various languages are heard and all are asking the same questions. What would this new world bring? Would they be able to pass the upcoming inspection at Ellis Island?  Would they be sent home? Would they be able to move around this big city without the ability to speak and understand the English language? Would they be able to get a job that was promised them? A job that would allow them the extra funds to send home to their families in Mezőkövesd?

What would have been the thoughts that ran through your mind if that was you? Your entire life you spent in a rural, agricultural and impoverished country. Now, the sights that are in front of you must blow you away.

All photos: Library of Congress
These photos were taken between 1910-1920
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