Friday, July 19, 2013

SS Pennsylvania Ship Manifest

After debarking the ship, Matyas had to go through the interrogations and inspections at Ellis Island. Everything and every answer was verified with the information from the Hamburg ship manifest   and then verifed again in New York. Below is the ship manifest that shows Matyas Farkas and his personal details that were required to enter the United States of America.


This is the entire first page of the manifest. Matyas is the second person from the top.Below I have an enlarged and highlighted view of the above manifest.


Below is the second page of the manifest, again with Matyas on line 2. Below is the enlarged and highlighted view of his entry.
1. No. on List. 2
2. NAME IN FULL. Farkas Matyas
3. Age: Yrs. | Mos. 25
4. Sex.M
5. Married or Single. M
6. Calling or Occupation. laborer
7. Able to — Read. | Write. Yes Yes
8. Nationality (Country of which citizen or subject). Hungary
9. Race or People. Magyar
10. Last Residence (Province, City, or Town). Hungary Mezokovesd
11. Address and Name of whence alien came wife, Maria Farkas, Mezokovesd
12. Final Destination (State, City, or Town). Oh  Kenmore
14. Whether having a ticket to such final destination. yes Akron, Ohio
15. By whom was passage paid? self
16. Whether in possession of $50, and if less, how much? $24
17. Whether ever before in the United States; and if so, when and where? No
18. Whether going to join a relative or friend; and if so, what relative or friend, and his name and complete address. father in law, Istvan Papp, Box 292, Kenmore Ohio
19. Ever in prison or alms house, or institution for care and treatment of the insane, or supported by charity? If so, which? No
20. Whether a Polygamist. No
21. Whether an Anarchist. No
22. Whether coming by reason of any offer, solicitation, promist, or agreement, express or implied, to labor in the United States. No
23. Condition of Health, Mental and Physical. Good
24. Deformed or Crippled. Nature, length of time, and cause. No
25. Height in Feet and Inches  5'6"
26. Complexion Fair
27.Color of Hair and Eyes Black and Blue
28.Marks of Identification None
29. Place of Birth, Country and Town Mezokovesd, Hungary